Have you engineered your cable sizing?

One of the most important and critical aspect about the solar installation is considering the existing site electrical infrastructure and the requirements imposed by DNSPs and Australian standards.

Choosing the right sizing of the cable is very important in any solar installation which includes DC cable sizing from Panels to Inverters and AC cable sizing from Inverter to the POC.

Further, the selection of right wire sizes in your PV system is highly important for both performance and safety reasons. If the wires are undersized, there will be a significant voltage drop resulting in excess power loss. In addition, if the wires are undersized, there is a risk that the wires may heat up to the point in which a fire may result. A properly managed and designed cabling scheduling can save not only your energy but also your life.

Our engineering team can provide detail assessment of the proposed PV system, can perform various load calculations, AC cable sizing, DC cable Sizing and provide recommendations on the selection of cables, installation methods etc for safe installation of the PV with maximum performance boost.