We are always looking for team players to strengthen our core services. When you join ecologiq, you are joining a world of opportunities. We look forward for you to come and join our diverse and capable pool of engineers who are extremely talented and supportive, making our team to learn and grow.

If you are interested, please send your CV to careers@ecologiq.com.au

I joined ecologiq as an intern and have progressively moved to become a potential part of the company. A major part of my success with the team is due to the open mindedness and acceptance to all new ideas and allowing me to be simply myself.

Camilo Tobon
Renewable Engineer
C&I Sector

Smart, clean project management and delivery cycles are key. It has been an amazing journey with ecologiq delivering major government projects with the utmost ease and excellence. Support from the engineering team is in abundance.

Saeed Dehghani
Project Supervisor 
Government Projects