Our Company

We thrive on innovations in sustainability by taking over everything from an idea and concept development to realisation. We believe in traditions and incorporate them into our innovations. Our diversified experience enables us to challenge the technological limits to create optimal solutions for our customers. Ecologiq compliments this approach based on our commitment to continuous improvement and best practice performance.

Our vision

Our primarily goal is to create innovative sustainable solutions that connect the environment, people, emotion, and technology.

Our purpose

We believe its people who give purpose to our solutions. We are committed to staying close to our customers and providing them the best experience. Areas where these commitments are highlighted in ecologiq work ethics include:

  • Client focus, service quality and value for money
  • Ethical business practices
  • Planning and management of human, physical and financial resources
  • Environmental management policies
  • Occupational health and safety management, and workplace injury management policies
  • Workplace practices and Industrial relations policies
  • Supply chain and contract management policies
  • Innovation in design, service provision, processes and use of technology.