Energy efficiency engineering

ecologiq is one of the leading consulting firms in the renewable energy space providing engineering services for photovoltaic and battery storage projects across all Australia states.
We make sure our customers are provided with practical, innovative, and financially viable solutions. Our integrated team works closely with our clients to provide the optimum project outcome and maximise value for money.

Feasibility and detailed design

ecologiq has significant renewable energy project development experience for various high-profile customers and strategic clients. Our team can support any renewable energy project from the pre-feasibility studies right through designing, grid connection agreement, commissioning supervision and optimising operations. We collaborate with planners, architects, and builders to cater their energy demand need in a highly sophisticated engineering way. The services include but not limited to:

  • pre-feasibility studies
  • financial modelling and cost benefit studies
  • detailed assessment of any solar projects, including rooftop solar PV systems, ground mount solar PV systems with fixed tilt and tracking, Car port solar PV systems, and floating solar PV systems
  • grid connection and approvals for PV systems with necessary documentations for all DNSPs
  • preparation of technical documentation based on clients’ requirements – E.g.: Flicker analysis, Power quality testing and studies, protection coordination and grading studies, plant modelling and control schematics preparation
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Electrical services

Our engineering team can provide comprehensive and integrated solutions for residential and commercial electrical projects. We provide practical advice of all aspects of electrical infrastructure. Specialised service includes the following

  • switchgear specification and design
  • earthing system design
  • cable sizing and specification
  • single line diagram preparations
  • general arrangements and control specifications
  • commercial and industrial lighting solutions
  • outdoor and indoor lighting system
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Value added products

We provide a wide range of value-added products for our clients to leverage all major engineering support for a solar PV project. This has been designed to extend our service to all government bodies, commercial and industrial customers to support them on their existing renewable investments.

  • design and supply of grid protection/ Network protection Units
  • glint and glare studies
  • panel level monitoring solutions
  • solar PV maintenance guide and program
  • design review, factory acceptance testing (FAT) and Site acceptance testing (SAT)
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Energy auditing and efficient energy management

Our energy auditing approach is focussed on deep coverage – everything based on technology solution from power consumption to energy monitoring and power generation and sustainability – our focus is going green, this includes retrofits to the existing system, solar power solutions with energy storage / hybrid co-gen units. Through energy auditing services our team can provide the following recommendations

  • detailed report of consumption based on present and historical data
  • energy monitoring
  • recommendation of energy saving plans
  • recommendation of suitable renewable energy / battery energy proposals
  • detailed analysis of energy savings that can be achieved through efficient management
  • energy efficient lighting / equipment recommendations based on clients’ needs
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