Safety & Health

As a profession, we are proud of a long track record of safe operations. We adhere to stringent WHS management systems and have achieved our safety record in the most hazardous of environments



  • Encouraging managers and supervisors to provide leadership in the application of WHS policies and procedures and holding them accountable for on-going WHS performance.
  • Creating a pro-active culture of WHS so that working safely becomes a way of life.
  • Encouraging consultation and participation in all matters relating to health and safety in the workplace.
  • Providing education and training to managers and engineers so they develop a commitment to the principles WHS
  • Encouraging active and timely reporting and recording of all incidents and injuries and investigating these incidents in a timely manner

Mental health


Despite global attention and initiatives to raise awareness, the stigma associated with the subject stands as a major challenge for organizations. For some, it is the fear of being singled out, while others feel that the workplace environment is not appropriate to open-up. Further, Covid-19 circumstances have impacted majorly on the mental health and lifestyle for most of the professionals all over the world.

To support employee wellbeing and reduce workplace-related stress and anxiety, ecologiq is working every day on creating a healthy environment for their employees which includes following steps:

  • upscaling the office environment through well-lit and clean space
  • mental health initiatives including workshops, trainings, and formal policies
  • one to one colleagues & manager sessions
  • setting realistic work expectations
  • encouraging staff to take regular breaks
  • interpersonal understanding and support in challenging life situation
  • making the work environment safe and pleasant

Work life balance


For ecologiq, importance of occupational health is of great prominence. We keep track of all occupational activities under our umbrella from high-risk occupations, such as working at heights, operating heavy equipment’s etc.  to lower-risk occupations such as office ergonomics & workload division.

The purpose of having planned occupational health processis to support our team onstress at work, mental health issues, musculoskeletal injuries caused by moving and handling accidents, injuries caused by workplace accidents, infectious diseases.

The key aim is to keep our employees healthy and happy. We investigate occurrences of ill health, especially where these seem to be linked to work processes or workplaces, and support staff in returning to work after illness.

Fostering a work-life balance isan exercise which requires creativity and discipline. ecologiq priority for work life balance has seen substantial increase employee satisfaction and productivity. We welcome all our employees to be part of this strategy and monthly sessions are planned to get valuable ideas from the team to make ecologiq a better place to work.