Burwood TH

The project is a collection of seven exclusive townhouse residences representing outstanding architectural design.
The luxurious townhouses are the perfect mix of intelligent form and functionality.

The open-plan layouts, modern façade and premium materials selection are unique characteristics of this project.

ecologiq optimised design to make sure that no space is underutilised, and every design element is functional.

Location: VIC

Client: Simone

Property Type: Townhouses


Drawing heavily on the streetscape’s residential vernacular, the townhouse design employs a repeating pitched roof to express the upper storey rhythm of the townhouses. These primary forms are each angled relative to the street alignment, creating a subtle sawtooth pattern overall and allowing each townhouse to be appreciated as separate building forms.

Projecting steel shrouds, large picture windows and balconies punctuate these upper storeys, while the elevations are softened and lent a domestic character through the incorporation of close-spaced timber battens.

Location: VIC

Client: ANG Build

Industry Sectors: Townhouses


The design team took inspiration from the surrounding heritage Victorian homes when designing these modern terrace homes. Vertical party walls, repetitive balustrade detailing, and contemporary metal picket fences are all key elements of the two and three-storey homes.

The overall design is an act of restraint. It focuses on simple yet well-proportioned framing with a pared-back colour palette and smooth, calming materials. Feature facade highlights stand out as spectacular focal points of elegance.

Location: VIC

Industry Sectors: Double StoreyHouse