Is your DC side secure?

It is very important for large solar PV systems to suitability select the DC isolation components including DC isolators and string combiner boxes to keep the high voltage DC side safe and secure. Based on AS 5033:2014 and further amendment to it clearly describes the requirement for DC isolator selection.

It is important that they should have the capacity of making and carrying currents in normal circuit conditions and in specific overload conditions, apart from their standard voltage withstanding requirements.

ecologiq can provide in-depth design for your next solar project/in-depth review for your solar project design including detailed DC schematics and best string/array configurations considering the various aspects in the design process.

On-site critical structural measurements

It is important to have correct and accurate information about the existing structures to carry out the structural assessment for the new installation. Relevant structural drawings are most reliable source for getting the information but sometimes these are not available easily.

Many times, the modification on existing structures is not reflected on the original drawings. Performing structural assessment with the incorrect source of information can lead to serious accidents. In such situations, site inspection and site measurements by experienced engineering team is deemed necessary.

Ecologiq provide in-house services for structural site assessment of variousindustrial and commercial buildings for new installations.

Offloading grid approvals and negotiations

It is mandatory in Australia to get DNSP grid approvals for your solar PV system connected to their network. DNSP will request lot of documents depending on the existing network infrastructure.

For the system size above 30 kVAC DNSP may ask for variety of documents which includes but not limited for the following

  • Site Layouts
  • AC SLDs
  • Protection Schematics
  • Protection Grading studies
  • Commissioning plans
  • Functionality statements’
  • Details for the DER
  • Applicants’ information etc

ecologiq provides extensive support to your solar projects which includes complete grid application and negotiation with your DNSP. All the requirements from various DNSP can be fulfilled through our critically designed streamlined process.

Have you engineered your cable sizing?

One of the most important and critical aspect about the solar installation is considering the existing site electrical infrastructure and the requirements imposed by DNSPs and Australian standards.

Choosing the right sizing of the cable is very important in any solar installation which includes DC cable sizing from Panels to Inverters and AC cable sizing from Inverter to the POC.

Further, the selection of right wire sizes in your PV system is highly important for both performance and safety reasons. If the wires are undersized, there will be a significant voltage drop resulting in excess power loss. In addition, if the wires are undersized, there is a risk that the wires may heat up to the point in which a fire may result. A properly managed and designed cabling scheduling can save not only your energy but also your life.

Our engineering team can provide detail assessment of the proposed PV system, can perform various load calculations, AC cable sizing, DC cable Sizing and provide recommendations on the selection of cables, installation methods etc for safe installation of the PV with maximum performance boost.

Do your glint and glare assessment right!

To understand the visual impacts of solar PV installation on any building near to dwellings, highways, airports, main roads etc, it is necessary to have a glint and glare assessment report.

Nowadays many authorities are asking for the glint and glare study report to understand the visual impact created by the solar installations on buildings and lands. Failing to provide this critical assessment may cause potential rejection of the solar proposal from the planning authorities especially if the installation is in any critical area.

ecologiq provides glint and glare assessment report along with normal electrical and structural engineering services for solar projects.

Importance of structural roof zoning for loads

An Exclusion Zone exists due to high localised wind pressures at roof ridges and edges. Solar panels should not be installed in the exclusion zone where possible. Structural assessment is deemed necessary to check the strength of the existing members supporting the roof in the exclusion zone.

Structural assessment for the placement of PV panels ensures long term stability of the roof under the new installed loads.Our team of chartered engineers are working with solar retailers everyday to support them with quick and feasible assessments.

Energy Decks

Energy Deck is amock-up study undertaken by our principal renewable engineer and in-house Architect to propose an autonomous, off-grid energy supply – a movable and modular solar panels deck.

The system is based on prefab plug and play logics which is a unique energy system of its kind and proposes an innovative, intelligent,and sustainable way of living off grid.This design will be soon recommended to our customers for related needs in the construction industry.

Project audit to compliance

To verify the compliance and quality of designs &installation of any PV project, nowadays it is necessary to have a project compliance audit report. Many organisations prefer to have a 3rd party compliance and quality check to ensure safety of their PV system and functionality of their generators.

Large PV systems also need to be checked annually as part of their maintenance program and to understand the degradation of the production overtime based on several factors.

ecologiq in-house engineers can support with a detailed audit of your existing or upcoming solar project.

Daylight enhancement

The light shelf proposal for the existing library at Columba College was aimed to enhance the daylight accessibility. The design was recommended to improve the indoor lighting by maximising the natural lighting and reduce the energy usage during daytime. ecologiq designers considered the glare factor and created efficient lighting designs to ensure minimum requirement of lux level are achieved during the daytime operation by keeping the electricity usage at a minimum.

Contrary to the conventional

Until recently, there has been a reluctance within architectural culture to acknowledge and accept the role of design research as part of the discourse.

Contrary to the conventional design practice, at ecologiq believe that research is vital to architectural practice. We invest into architectural study and integrate research into our design processes and services. This advances our practice, allows to produce innovative results, creates a convincing base for the design solutions and contributes to better design and built outcome.

ecologiqhas investigated and researched to identify major gaps in architectural practice and has build an in-house guideline to ensure that these are applied and always considered to create solutions outside the course of ordinary design work.